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There is no time to start the GATE preparation but before starting the preparation for the exam, make sure that you are worthy to appear in the exam. The GATE is usually organizes in the month of February every year and the GATE notice/GATE application forms are releases in the month of September in the previous year.
Gate 2019 Preparation Tips
Here are some points which applicants need to keep in their mind while preparing for GATE 2019:
  • To understand the structure of the GATE 2019 and know which subjects are included in the syllabus of the examination of GATE 2019.
  • The 70% of the questions in the exam will be from General Aptitude, therefore, applicants need to have very strong analytical ability to crack the questions this section of GATE.
  • Another portion in GATE 2019 examination will be of Engineering Mathematics which demands exceptionally quantitative skill and mathematical to solve the questions of that section.
  • The mathematics section will have 15% questions of the total question paper.
  • The third section will be of the stream/subject which applicants have chosen and this section will obviously be easy to solve as it is the subject of applicant’s interest.
  • Don’t’ tend to be a book collector, give your practice an edge with the help of authentic and selected best books.
  • There is no need force yourself to study or to work hard, however, bring zeal in your heart about the career goal which you have set to crack GATE 2019.
  • Applicants can also get placed in the PSUs after gaining a decent rank in the examination GATE 2019.
  • Always stay calm and think positive during the preparation time. Never ever be hopeless and always believe that you can make it.
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Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Indian Engineering Services abbreviated as IES are the civil services that meet the technical and managerial functions of the Government of India. Like most countries, the Government of India recruits its civil servants and officials on the basis of merit, the middle management positions in the bureaucracy are filled through competitive exams. Large number of candidates take these exams, competing for limited posts. IES officers are selected by the union government on the recommendations made by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). A combined three-stage competitive examination (comprising five tests), called the Engineering Services Examination (ESE) is conducted by the UPSC for recruitment to the Indian Engineering Services.
ESE is therefore considered as the toughest exam in India and amongst the toughest in the world due to less number of posts having a selection ratio of 0.00275 (based on 2010 statistics) and its technical nature. Most toppers of this exam are graduates of institutes like the Indian Institutes of Technologyand Indian Institute of Science.[12] Because of this difficult selection procedure, IES officers carry high respect and status in society and are able to manage activities in diverse areas. Government spending comprises more than 15 percent of India’s GDP and given the extent of tasks and functions managed by the public sector, this extends to a fairly broad segment of the economy covering the railways.
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Saturday, December 9, 2017

What are the GATE tricks to solve objective paper faster?

When the countdown starts, start solving paper without wasting time as time is precious.        ( gate institute in hyderabad )
Firstly go through all 65 questions in 5th gear. if you had seriously prepared for GATE then you could easily solve ( approximate 25 questions ) within half an hour. I am saying this because out of 65 questions there are some questions which are very easy and you can give the answer of these questions without taking more time. ( gate institute in hyderabad )
Suppose you solved these easy questions ( ~25 ) within half an hour. Then, now you have 150 minutes to solve 40 questions I.e. you have approximately 4 minutes to solve each question which was initially less than 3 minutes per question.( gate institute in hyderabad )
I am saying this because if you use this technique then you will feel confident as you had solved ( about 35% ) paper with half an hour and now you have sufficient 2.5 hours to solve the other tricky and hard questions and you can solve them as now time is sufficient so your nervousness about time factor is slightly decreased. ( gate institute in hyderabad )In a sentence I want to say attempt paper in 2 halfs.
Hope it helps.
Have a nice day.

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Is it possible to prepare for the GATE in the last 2 months?

Yes, it is.
Start from Engineering mathematics as it carries 13–15 marks (depending on your Branch). Solve this subject from made easy book. (gate coaching in pune)
Now, bifurcate the subjects according to their *effective weightage* ( whether the subject is scoring with respect to the time donated to it, or not). For example, if you are in electrical branch, then Network Theory, Control System, measurement are scoring subjects, and take less time as compared to the core subjects(machine, power system) .
Give 1–2 hours to aptitude part daily. (gate coaching in pune)
This way, you'll have a good grip on aptitude in a month.
Now, the most important part is joining a test series. Give tests sincerely, and analyse your mistakes. Complete a subject, then give that subject's test. (gate coaching in pune)
Remember: You don't need to study all the subjects for selection. Have good grip on some and *practice* all the precious year questions 2 times before the exam. (gate coaching in pune)

As they say: “Knowledge without practice is useless, and practice without knowledge is dangerous” . :)

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

How should I prepare to crack the Gate 2018 in mechanical?

Being a mechanical Engineer I would love to say, ‘been there, gone through that’. These kind of questions and anxiety around ( gate coaching in bhubaneswar ) them is quite obvious at this time.
 To help you out will be thousands of people who will give you millions of views and finally make your life look all wrong. ( gate coaching bhubaneswar )You will try to change the way you work every now and then but believe me too many cooks not only spoil the cake but also make it too complicated to make than it could be. So rather than looking at advises from people it would be wonderful if you look at facts and make informed choices yourselves.

Hard work and sincerity are like the prerequisites for any competitive exam but you would need to go beyond that. 
( gate coaching in bhubaneswar )It would happen, it will only if you learn to work smart instead of hard. I cannot give you any random plan, which anyone can give but I would love to walk you through some data which will help you get a hand on GATE and you will be able to formulate your own plan. ( gate coaching in bhubaneswar )So here are some links to help you out and hope you do your best in GATE 2018. 

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